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Full Service (Brandon Location Only)

Four wheel alignment, shocks and struts, CV axles & boots, quick oil change.


All tires need to be regularly rotated to help insure even wear. Depending on whether your car is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, driving habits, climate and the manufacturers recommendations tires will typically need to be rotated every 6000 – 10000 miles.


We are known for being able to repair tires that other tire repair shops and dealers do not have the capabilities to properly repair. Stop in for a free diagnosis before buying a new tire.

Valve Stem Replacement

Damaged valve stems can be the source of slow and hard to diagnose leaks. Replacements require removing the tire from the rim to install the new stem.


Patching is the most dependable way to repair a tire leaking in the tread area. We use american made, high quality repair parts in all patching repairs for dependability.


Plug repairs are made in the tire tread area while the tire is still mounted on the rim. Plug repairs are the fastest and least expensive way to repair simple leaks in the tread area.

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